Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A peek inside shopette...getting ready for JUNK sale!

This 6' clothes line is completely stuffed with vintage tablecloths, clothes, linens, curtains, garlands etc!  Take 1/2 OFF the tag!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Biggest yard sale June 2-4th news!

yard sale june 2nd 3rd and 4th  tues-thurs.
8:00- 5-6 p.m. west haven.

we've adjusted date due to the rainy weather this week. it takes a few days to get it set up because its big, and we like to sell for 3 days.

thanks for your patience, I think everyone has had to made adjustments lately due to the rain, right?

i'll be back to show some pictures and post address in west haven.

Pyrex on the porch at yard sale

About 100 pieces of PYREX will be on the porch!
I've priced them low from the pyrex passion book and then the sale will be
$3.00 off on each piece.
95% are really nice pieces, clean and not scratch, most like new.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Good sign

 Just arrived! rustic fun metal signs with patina and good sayings!
I'm sure we'll run out...so be sure to let me know if you need some special ordered.
Anything in the shopette will be 20% off for this market, including these signs.

On the bright side...the mon and tues we need for setting up the weather is  perfect!
so we will watch the forcast to make sure wed. thurs. and Friday will work and then its a GO!
This is the last week of may.

I will get back to these and post some prices.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Rainy day thoughts with the biggest yard sale coming up

 The rain is helping me stay focused on going through the piles, making piles all for the biggest yard
sale that's coming up here at the shopette May 27 thru 29. 

 Day 2 of the rain...and it's puddling up...I don't like going out in the garage when it's chilly so my workroom is getting the cleansing. Everything inside it will be 20% off those three days.

 My new mothers day present is loving this rain, so glad we poked holes in the bottoms.

 Old laundry wash tub stands don't always need two tubs...try something different.

 I will be posting these two nice triple action ice cream freezers on vintage yard sale Utah Monday.

 This one is a husky brand, very heavy duty and the insides are clean and useable on both 60.00 each.

all my wrinkly crinkly 10 yd. ribbon bundles regular 5.00 will be 3.00 at the sale!

we will keep preparing for the yard sale...if by chance the last week is rainy too (sure hope not)...we will need to chose a new date so please keep checking back. Rain just does not work with this big event.