Monday, October 5, 2015

and the windmill says EEK!

 Dressed up in her Halloween attire! (we're having a little too much fun with this)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

A little crafty Halloween boutique this weekend

a little crafty boutique this coming Friday night 5-8 and Saturday 10-5  1021 N.4700 w. west weber. This is just before you go over the bridge into Plain city on 4700 w. Its tucked into the woods, so you'll drive a little bit into a wooded area. Metal art by Manning, holiday crafts by vendors. You can wear your witch attire that evening! I have done a drop off of vintage Halloween and black vintage odds and ends which is great for decorating. The metal art gal made some neat witches brooms! (this is my sons house photo, I couldnt download the flier right now for this boutique). 

vintage Farmhouse Halloween at the Cox's

 A long time customer, Cathy Cox and her husband are a very ambitious & energetic couple. They built their home in the early 1970's and used vintage reclaimed objects EVERYWHERE inside and out. She decorates each season, Halloween and Christmas big time and entertains 100's of friends and church parties each year. Their beautiful home sits on a big piece of ground.

 The brick and stone patch was worked on this summer. Along these paths you will find unique pieces such as you will see here, just know there is MUCH more than I am showing you.

When cathy is out vintage shopping...she knows just what to do when she finds something unique.

 Mr. or Mrs. Turkey is quite friendly coming up the path to greet you, it makes you feel so happy!
There are several metal archways such as this long walkway. Large colorful zinna's line the path with vines of mini pumpkins hanging the arches. It's like a wonderland.

 This brick has come from a very old popular building in the Ogden area. You can reach Cory Johnson at Old school body shop or his dad Clyde for purchasing. They are big and colorful and very old. She used some newer slate pieces to break up the look.

 There are vintage pieces tucked everywhere...vignettes surrounded with tons of wild flowers. They stay busy keeping up their place and new projects popping up the further you wander in and around. The Mr. has his own santuary, with a rusty gargoil, a goldfish pond, a black and white farm cat sits under his chair and wild animals run freely. He also has a big workspace with such random pieces he works from. He is a happy and content man...and quite creative.

 This is Oreo...he is big and friendly, isnt he beautiful! There is also a giant rabbit in a cage. Oreo has a friend too which is shorter, missed his photo.

 This is the first washmachine in Hooper...what a relic to own
, and so glad we have electricity.

 Last week she came home and her husband suprised her with these three rusty Jack-o lanterns, they were both really tickled over them, isnt that sweet!

 This is a giant cow, made of metal...and below you'll see a metal pig, they hauled these out of New Mexico...crazy I know! But very appropriate for this yard.

Carl and Cathy are avoiding the photo, they are standing next to a big metal gazebo which is lighted by solar lights., they are standing on a half circle brick path around this GIANT TRAMPOLINE. Her and her husband are kids at heart!
 On a big cement pad sits this old buggy/carriage with beautiful wheels. She is in the process of decorating...
She has a big pumpkin with a cat...I think it needs to be a bit more scary...dont you!

 There are lights of all kinds as you walk the entire yard and inside the home too.
This light he created, all reclaimed vintage it hangs over a fairy garden which is kind of scary right now.

 An out building, sits across from the carriage, wonderful old pieces representing times past and hard
to find objects make this place special. She is working on this also.

 This is how you see almost every area...luscious flowering vintage pieces. Here is a little trick
or secret. They take these pieces inside the garage all winter and water them, and out they go again when the weather says its almost summer...clever, wouldn't you agree!

 Old bed springs hang from an old metal clothes line post, like a jack o lantern garden

 She loves Crows and has them among her many displays through out her home. My inside photo's did not turn out well. Maybe another time I can go back when she is finished and show you her inside vignette. The are spectacular as Cathy is very artistic and has great design. She buys from Secret haven, rainbow gardens, always on the hunt for vintage pieces. Their son has their creative spirit working for Ralph Lauren in New york. When its something your born just go with it!

  Cathy tucked this on the side of the home...its a giant mailbox she bought from us, along with the big scale. isnt it wonderful. There is a charming courtyard of flowers and bushes next to it surrounded by antique fencing. ahhh what great taste!

 This is a sampling of what its like as you wander anywhere front or back.
Reminding you this is out in the country...farmhouse style.

 Can you see the trellis that leads to the back yard. Fall is such a beautiful time of year in utah.

 again...creative pieces all around.

 a giant wagon holding a pumkin even Cinderella could ride in and its all lit up!

 This too is some antique iron fencing original finish courtyard, where there is like a cemetary and lots of greenery. again lights.

 Your looking at one of the best vintage bikes you'll ever see for yard decor.

Tucked deeply amond the wildflowers is this heavy really old wheelbarrow.

again cathy layers by putting a tub on top of dirt and planting around the outside of the tub also.
takes that center tub in the garage to be used again.

 Here are wooden steps that wind into another garden topped with metal trellis and old garden gate.

 Inside family room looking out the windows which are displayed to the arch in the backyard.

 Isnt it clever...thick with pumpkin vines and mini pumpkins dangling down. Other vines grow among these pumpkins.

 In this window stands a tall witch she is loking up at a big spider which is hanging from the ceiling.
Note how she uses branches and lights.

Her best of friends Charlene bought here this hanging chandaleir which originated in my yard, it was
white...she sprayed it black and added these flaming lights, super fantastic. Again reclaimed vintage!
If you came to the yard sales in september it was for missed need to look deeper!

 Inside precious and classy vignettes are in every single room. They all are themed differently. She tends to love Bethany Lowe (we all do right!) , loves spooky characters and glittery haunted mansions. She doesnt get morbid or too scary.
a handmade wooden garland hangs from an antique cupboard.

This is just one side of a mantel in one of her rooms. wont let me download any more photos for this post.
maybe I can come back with more towards the end of the month.
I'm sure you'd love to see more, right!
it truely is wonderful and you just want it to go on forever!

A special place to share with those they love
Glad you could take some time to enjoy the Cox's place at Halloween.

p.s. she does the same for christmas...maybe I'll get an invite!

Monday, September 28, 2015


 Berries on the trees

 Pumpkins picked
 fall vignette outside even though the weather says summer, right

 my favorites every year
 mini's from Benjamin utah, a little day trip we took over the weekend

 spicy aroma's all around
selling pyrex on vintage yard sale utah today and tuesday
among other vintage items  on fbook.

We are invited to sell at the Holiday Acorn antique vintage show Nov 7 and 8th
weber county fair grounds...whoo hoo, see you then!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fall vintage shopping

See you Friday noon-6 or Saturday 9-5
We have a brass bed/cast iron, pink crystal chandalier glass and brass, log chair old, and lots of fall decor!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Table ONE saturday...think of it as a PROP SALE

 Outside...tables in catagories of all ONE price (check ideas in last post with more to come) shopping will be much easier and organized than the yard sale last week.

The driveway and every table has been wiped clean and started over with lower pricing and different catagories.

 think props INSIDE for your decorating...doesn't your imagination make you wonder what is under this food dome?  (rat. mouse. spider.eyeballs?)

 Candleabra, scrolly, rustic, makes a big haunted house statement!

 Rickey's studio Inn Hotel it's getting scary!

 kitchen utinsels from the past...there will be a table of nice conditioned PYREX for $5.00 each piece!

 Broaches, jewelry , the majority 5.00

 screams flickering cobweb covered lighting, right?

Linen and pom pom garlands layered...the
more the scarier. ONE table of linens piled high are $1.00 each

Black and white garlands...words are always a fright for halloween night.

 old Kodak film brittle can be used as garland
20 rolls of piano music, all different titles

use word paper banners...or old piano music...use for window shades, table runners
patina off white paper will be a hit

 funeral baskets you can't go wrong

 and a photo of a headstone and flowers just plain creeps me

 all older homes had framed botanicals, this is such a pretty one, ties in with the seasons coloring really well.
add some sparkle and lace paper doilies and gold lettering with words to scare
 Mercury glass bead garlands and candlesticks

 old books for decorating

big crinline skirts for costumes!

vintage matters