Saturday, November 22, 2014

shiny brites. holiday ribbon. christmas stuff for sale

The following items are for sale only through THIS coming WEDNESDAY
I can ship mon. tues. wed. on the fabrics but not the ornies or tree.
your welcome to contact to hold for a pick up.
email listed below photo's.

 1.1/2" natural 1.75 per yard  tea dyed: 2.00 per yard
ALL sold in 5 yd pieces.
 tea dyed 2.00 per yard
ALL sold in 5 yard pieces.

1 1/2"  natural stripe red/cream green/cream black/cream  chocolate/pink
ALL sold in 5 yd. pieces  1.50 per yard.

 1 1/2" tea dyed in these two colors black and red striped.
2.00 per yard
ALL sold in 5 yard pieces

 natural woven strip 1 1/4"  burgundy gray black
1.00 per yard
ALL sold in 5 yard pieces

 1 1/4" woven stripe in tea dye
1.25 per yard
ALL sold in 5 yard pieces

 1 1/2" sheer wire candycane striped
5 yds. 6.00

 Satiny cranberry cream striped in natural 1.75.  per yard
Satiny cranberry cream stiped in tea dye AS SHOWN 2.00 a yard
ALL sold in 5 yd. pieces.
 vintage eyelet lace 1"
natural 75 cents a yard
tea dyed 1.00 a yard

 Merry christmas script
3 yd 6.00 4"
 americana made in usa  marked all regular size
8.00 per box (sale price) no shipping.

PINKS 2 dozen shiny brites AND MOSTLY POLANDS 2 shades similar for the two boxes price is 16.00
no ship all regular size
 Pretty pastels pinks and green I think shiny brites if not made in usa.
1 box 8.00 all just a little above regular size.

 royal blue  shiny brites
8.00   no ship
 pink blue silver aqua mixture shiny brites
8.00 box  2 available all regular size

 gold shiny brites all regular size
2 boxes 16.00 for the two together
no ship

 7 long vintage ornies 3 are made in germany
2 boxes as is 14.00
no ship

small red shiney brites 6.00 box
no ship

pom pom tree skirt with silver ric rac and sequins on the trees
20.00  felt in nice condition. measures 38" across.  probably from the 50's or early 60s.
can ship.
handmade ceramic tree from the 60's  no lights but you can purchase online, ceramic shops.
there is no base or light
no ship.
not chipped repaird or broken.

I can ship the ribbon and tree skirt.
other items need a pick up before thanksgiving.

I will be taking a break between thanksgiving and Christmas.
Since we have worked retail our married is our gift to us to not participate in the
retail part of Christmas this year.
you can email for these limited quantity items:
or go to face book friend me: brenda klomp  and send me a message.
or make a comment here, sometimes they are hard to go through.

Friday, November 14, 2014

as promised PRE- sale photo's

Of course this isnt all of it...joni has outdone herself like I have never seen before.
The whole show is beyond vendors and your regulars...8-4 grand ballroom
utah state fairgrounds sat. nov. 15th.

And you'll love our pricing.
furniture is also for sale..vintage matters

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Paper and Patina selling this Saturday Nov. 15th

 Paper and Patina...our booth name at Fleattitude this coming Saturday Nov. 15th at the
State fair grounds grand ballroom opens at 8:00 for best pickin! closes at 4. We are located
on the EAST wall, we have a triple space. Come to us first we have lots of vintage Christmas and
everyday stuff. Joni has been doing her vintage and vintage handmades.

I will try to get some photos posted ...we are doing a two day set up so we are looking good and
are organized and ready for you to shop.

Thank you for your support the past two weekends at just a bed of roses shopette!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Vintage & Christmas shopette THIS coming friday & saturday...lets do it again!

This Friday and Saturday Nov. 7 & 8th  beginning noon-5:00 the shopette will be opened for selling
vintage and vintage Christmas. I have added alot more thats marked for the fleattitude, but this is an early sale. This will be the last time of the Christmas season the shopette will be opened.

Fleattitude you can like them on fbook: fleattitude vintage market to stay up on the details.

Paper and Patina is our market name that joni and I use...we will have a triple space on the big East wall.

See you this weekend...and at Fleattitude.

fbook friend me: brenda justabedofroses  is my id name.

I will post more current photo's this week.