Thursday, April 17, 2014

Load 'em up!

 It finally happened...we have us a "good junkin" trailer!
Why of course... I had to push him out the door and say "don't come back unless that trailer is on the back of the truck!" iT's just so hard without one, and I'm tired of HARD! OuR First show is the Fleattitude market april 26th in Pleasant will be like a big Treasure hunt when you shop it. FBook friend them and  iF YOU COME at 8:00 a.m. it's first pickin's but it's good buying all day till 4:00...there is such a variety. 

My husband is magic at loading this, he has put tons in we can load the back of the truck with more! We'll probably have to put garden things outside Fleattitude on the grass.
Grab tag and bring it to us for payment.

have you visited yet?

Friday, April 4, 2014

Ocean blue's... and they are HAPPY!

This week I've been playing with my BLUE'S from sweet pickin's milk paint, aren't they pretty. I will try to open up the shopette  April 18th & 19th the weekend BEFORE fleattitude. I will leave many items unpacked so that you may have first pick's.

Ocean blues...I have a friend, Peggy, of many years who has been fbooking herself in Hawaii this week, she is a widow unfortunatly to early and bravely travels with family and friends. Who knows where Joni might be, she sometimes wanders off to visit the Ocean too with her daughter. 

Then there is Betty (buttons) Whitlock...she called from there today, I finally got homesick for Just a bed of roses shop. Betty came weekly and we just kept up on everything. Those of you who know her will know what I'm talking about.

I'll catch you up...her and Woody in their early 80's ventured off to live in San Diego on Christmas day! Betty said they are SO HAPPY! They were planning going to Coronado island for a day, ride a bicycle for two and visit my friend Nancys shop "the attic." They are living without alot of "stuff" and enjoying it (you know Betty LOVES STUFF), eating tangelos off their tree, and surrounded with beautiful flowers and succulents. They love church, she is taking organ lessons and wants to play for the singles ward. She takes painting lessons from someone she met at church too. She wants to get off her walking stick, thus...a personal trainer, which is hard and painful & Betty can do it! 

They eat out alot, enjoy visiting and playing games at her daughters, misses her Farmington friends. I should have talked to he still runs everyday, knowing him he will find the marathons and friends. They generously share their antique home with family members while they live away.

I reminded her we are Freezing here, are we not!

My parents, same age, this week my son and I go for a visit, I suggested we eat out this time (I usually take them healthy food) dad wanted a BIG hamburger and onion rings and my mother wanted to eat RIGHT THERE AT HER TABLE, same ole, same ole, she enjoys the pattern lifestyle.She lost...we get them OUT of the house! My dads health...he is getting weaker, but he keeps on going, but slowly. SLOW like I am on the treadmill, I joined lady fitness this word for the year BALANCE was needing some exercising in it! Be careful the words we chose!

 It makes me really appreciate the Whitlocks new lifestyle choices and they are enjoying health.

as Betty said...THEY ARE HAPPY!

I'll speak from all of us "we are HAPPY FOR YOU TWO!" 


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

want some new crazy pee your pants funny sisters?

One of my very best friends Dixie Walker of perry has raised along with her husband Dave, 5 beautiful daughters...they've felt inspired to create this blog at this time. 

 I'd like to invite you to take a, as APRIL 1st is their GRAND OPENING and I just know you will enjoy meeting them and since I know YOU, they will enjoy YOU and what you can offer. 

This will be a blog with alot of inspiration that will come in many forms. And if you Pee your pants easily, you surely will fit in!

Thanks to Dave and Dixie Walker for their part in raising 5 amazing women who are what you'd call R.E.A.L...and that can be a little bit scary fun...just warning you!

I hope you'll join me...
vintage matters

Friday, March 14, 2014

When was the last time you were here?

 Lava Hot springs, all year except thanksgiving and Christmas day.

The pool furthest to the east is the hottest...112, yikes! The water runs under the sidewalks and dressing rooms making them toasty warm, no more freezing. The other temps a toasty 102 degrees.

Heaven & angels sings when your up to your chin in this pool! Rocks line the sides with tiny round rocks on the bottom, if you have sensitive feet wear sandals. 2.5 million gals of hot mineral spring water flows through here per day. They do not treat this water with chemicals. No smells. 

 Lava has been updated since we were last there...Looking to the furthest west is now a large mineral spring water pool the temperature of a perfect bathtub that doesn't cool down.

Makes you want to stay. relax. soak in the sunshine. forget your troubles and your aches and pains. Which I had plenty of those just coming off of the vintage whites market and nursing an annoying headcold.

   There should be a sign on the entrance...leave your problems at the door.(heard a few people venting some dumb problems...I called it "disturbing the peace"). There is plenty of room to just simply move away.  The mountains are ugly from winter, but soon will be dripping with greens. 

If it seems you could be the only ones there...I was told that bus loads could pull up, just warning you! Reservations would be necessary for the hotels/motels...not the springs.(I would not suggest tumbling waters motel across the road).

 Need to wring out your suit?

 You can take food in just nothing in glass.

 Home Hotel since 1912...has had a make-over, much needed! for all information.  Right next door to the pools. If you have a favorite place there, would love to know about it. The double bathtubs have the mineral water flowing into them also...what a bonus! 

Carl said run in and see if the old rockers are still there from 30 years ago...sure enough! Just had to tell the receptionist my NEED ICE STORY. 30 years ago we ran down to the lobby and asked where the ice machine was...the little old man and lady were so cute and accommodating...she quietly walked to her refrigerator and brought out her ice cube tray and put them in a baggie! We could never forget that one!

We made a quick vow that we would not wait 10 more years to go back. We love our new semi-freedom!

p.s...if your worried about being "too fat, too white, too many vericose veins showing, too gray, too wrinkly, in  need of a new swimsuit...don't be, there is plenty of competition in these catagories. On the other's a bit romantic with newlyweds & youth & don't be offended when suits don't meet your personal's okay, it's okay (think I heard those words on the bachelor?).

Maddox in Perry is always delicious when traveling that direction.   

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

National treasure

After the event comes the headcold and body aches...ugh!

Hope your enjoying your new found treasures from Vintage whites market we sure had alot of fun, can't wait for next year even bigger and better.  

Friday, March 7, 2014

AS PROMISED...or better late than never?

It's 10:30 p.m. but before tucking myself into bed I am posting SOME photos of set up at vintage whites market in the making.
I'll show our space first:

 Just some quick snapshots...much more live in person.

Here are a few vendors on 2 floors:

glimpse of lorraine lewis/daughter vintage bird.

Molly belle studio...becci bybee, it's her very first event!
so proud of her!

some odds and ends booths that was more put together than most...oh what a night!

Pretty sure you'll find something you can't live without!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Vintage Temptations coming soon

Loading up now...the equivelent of 5 truck fulls  (between 3 of us) will fill our whole space 10 x 30 with one of a kinds with ALL THINGS VINTAGE! Today we loaded our 2nd truck...we made enough things for a week long sale, sad to leave so much behind, but that means we will be selling AGAIN in the near future.

I am starting to whine for a small trailer to haul our things...wish me luck. If not I may be tempted to just end all this traveling around!  

If I can get photo's during set up I will and share's a BIG day, so no promise.

few reminders...Most vendors like cash, its just faster and MOST are not set up with visa. You don't want to be caught short on cash, we always take more $$$ than we think we need because you never know what you can't live without. There are 2 atm's...just in case! 

We have sold tags, we will try to hold (MUST be paid for) what we can so you can continue to shop.  When I shop, I go through quickly scanning and buying what I mostly want and then I go back for what I missed. Others are less aggressive and take their time to shop. Just know that someone right behind you may want an item your thinking on, so don't think too long!

When you buy...IT'S FINAL, we will not take anything back.
It's a ONE day sale! Pricing is reasonable. Our prices will have TAX INCLUDED in the price. 

There will be plenty of merchandise for all day at the vintage whites, it runs till 5. Tea and classes are upstairs along with more vendors. (high tea needs reservations).

Parking fee is required at parking lot.

If you go early, then your closer to your vehicle for loading up multiple times and it never hurts to bring a partner to load while you continue to shop. You can always come back later to pick up your goods as long as its before 5.

We will NOT have manpower to help you out and we will be busy with customers...there is suppose to be a moving company to help with your larger purchases for loading.   

Coming with friends or alone...just plan on having a great time to be inspired by all things vintage and remember it's not flattery to any vendor to copy, please be respectful!

Grand ballroom, Utah state fairgrounds.
fbook friend vintage whites market
sat. march 8
see you soon! 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Where in the WORLD

 Where in the world could you be this Saturday that could be anymore fun than vintage shopping @ Vintage whites market in the  GRANDBALLROOM Salt lake city...Utah state fairgrounds. for more information. 
The building is stunning with giant crystal chandaliers, large arched windows, and a wide grand staircase. 

Last Saturday we spent a fun afternoon at the Ogden Train show with my oldest son and his two little ones. They LOVE TRAINS like their daddy and grandpa. Especially the antique trains. I'm so happy to be free with my days to come and go as I please...take a nap, work on recreating vintage pieces.

Was so SUPER excited to see the weather forcast for this
Saturday...NO RAIN or SNOW expected!
oh I love that ... don't you!

See you Saturday 10-5
Come spend the day and all your $$$
Vintage decor galore
I'm not even kidding !

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Awareness is a blessing

One of the most popular Dr.'s in Utah is the communication and relationship expert Dr. Matt Townsend

We signed up for this: my life changer
Everyday Matt sends you a video to watch/listen then you complete question assignments. That way it is custom fit to YOUR life.

Ours started this morning (so excited for this!)

Matt came on and talked about the principle of awareness. Then we could rate ourselves. Was asked has your life been enriched by others that live the principle of awareness? When and where has your life been blessed when you live the principle of awareness? Whats the most important thing you can do today to live the law of awareness?

and that's how each day will go...for only 5.99 a month you get an everyday life changer lesson.

My husband and I tried today to be more "in the moment" to be there, to respond, to savour, enjoy, take in, be a part of it and NOT in the FUTURE...oh to not be in the future is a tough one for me. My brain is trained to always be planning the next day/month/holiday/event.

We really enjoyed our gray rainy day...he enjoyed having lunch with his old work buddies, we even enjoyed the power going out a few hours (power nap) and listening to the rain.

Just wanted to'll find everything A+ that's available on his .com site.

Enjoy awareness!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

We can help if your suffering from "gardenitis" at the vintage whites market

Preparing for Vintage white market...weathered patina vintage projects (just a few). Bedsprings have been cut in half, now TWO people can enjoy owning them!

Clamps...oh my, my husband is an overachiever when I say something needs glued...out come the gigantic clamps for just the littlest piece to be fixed! Three wheel cart oozes with patina, all original colors.

Are you amazed at the trellis with real vines...I mean, how could we cut them out, it would be just wrong!

If you have vintage "garden-itis"...we can cure that when you shop our Pic-patina booth at Vintage whites March 8th. Promise there is SO MUCH MORE...just don't want to spoil it by showing too much.